Thinking about switching wireless carriers? WPCI is committed to taking as much of the burden away from you so that the transition to us will go smoothly and your financial benefits will start to kick in almost immediately.

See what some of our “transitioners” have said about the work we performed in getting them switched over to WPCI:

Riccardo Francese (Manager, Information Technology, Telematics & Fuel at SITE Energy Services Ltd.)

“In the beginning of 2014, WPCI assisted us with a migration from Telus to Bell. The transition was done in an exemplary matter and saved us upwards of $50-60K per year. We are extremely pleased with the dedication and assistance they provided during our migration… The team at WPCI are astute to the needs of their customer and provide excellent service in sales and support.”

Andy Kovacs (Manager Internal Systems Support, Service Management & Infrastructure Operations at D+H Limited)

“We were concerned about the transition along with the potential impact that it may have on users. WPCI helped us out from start to finish with the deployment to make sure it went smoothly. WPCI helped us unlock all of our current Rogers devices so that we could port them to Bell immediately. This reduced risk and ensured that users were satisfied during the migration process since they were already familiar with their device. WPCI also provided us 30 loaner phones to make the deployment seamless.”

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