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This is a contract between the purchaser (“you” and “your”) of this Assurant Device Protection Plan (the “Plan”) and Assurant Service Canada Inc. (“Assurant”, “we”, “us” and “our”). Assurant provides, manages and administers this Plan.

By purchasing this Plan, you understand that it is a legal contract and acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to read these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions, the Sales Order Form, which contains the effective date of the Plan (“Effective Date”) and the description of the devices (each a “Device” or collectively “Devices”) covered by this Plan, and any addendums to the Sales Order Form, if applicable, constitute the entire agreement between you and us. No oral or written representations, warranties or conditions, and no amendment or modification of these Terms and Conditions will be binding on you or on us.


The Plan


Description of our Mobile Device Protection Plan

We will provide you with a new or refurbished device of like kind and quality with comparable features and functionality to the original
Device (“Replacement Device”) in the following circumstances:

  1. Device Failure
    In the event that the Device suffers a mechanical malfunction
    or defect that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty,
    or physical or liquid damage.
  2. Mobile Application Malfunction
    In the event that your Device is not recovered after a loss or
    theft using our the properly installed and enabled location
    tracking mobile application Pocket Geek® that we provide to
    you as part of this Plan.

This Plan is only available in the Province of Ontario.


What is covered?

Covered Devices are the eligible cell phones or smartphones described on your original Sales Order Form and any additional Devices added to the Plan within the coverage period, purchased new in Canada and activated on a Canadian wireless carrier network, and to which our Pocket Geek application has been installed and enabled, or its replacement under this Plan.

We will only provide accessories for your Replacement Device when the Replacement Device is provided as a result of mobile application malfunction or the original manufacturer’s accessories for your covered Device are incompatible with the Replacement Device.
Replacement of accessories may be generic or non-original
manufacturer accessories.


When does coverage begin and end?

Coverage for Devices described on the Sales Order Form starts on the Effective Date and continues for 24 months (“Term”), unless
cancelled in accordance with the Cancellation section of these Terms and Conditions. Coverage for Devices added to this Plan after the Effective Date will be limited to the Term of Plan.

We are not responsible for any issues with a Device arising from an event that occurs before your Plan is in effect or after its expiry or cancellation, and we are not responsible for any failure to locate a Device until our Pocket Geek application is properly installed on the Device and then only for events that occur when Pocket Geek is
properly enabled.

This Plan is non-renewable.


What is not covered?

The Plan does not apply to and we do not provide replacement for:


  1. Mechanical failures covered by the manufacturer’s warranty;
  2. Tablets or data sticks;
  3. Devices with removed, altered or defaced International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers;
  4. Incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits;
  5. Loss of data, down-time and charges for time and effort;
  6. Any loss or amount other than a replacement of the Device and
    nothing else;
  7. Intentional physical damage, abuse, misuse, vandalism;
  8. Unauthorized repairs, improper installation, improper equipment
  9. Lost parts or end-user replaceable batteries except as part of a
    claim due to mobile application malfunction;
  10. Accessories included in the original manufacturer’s packaging,
    except as part of a claim due to mobile application malfunction
    or not compatible with the Replacement Device;
  11. Accessories that do not come with the Device in the original
    manufacturer’s package, including, but not limited to, car
    chargers, Bluetooth headsets, and face plates;
  12. “No problem found” or “no fault found” type diagnosis and
    intermittent errors that cannot be reproduced;
  13. Loss or damage to or of external housings or casings that does not affect the mechanical or electrical function of the Device;
  14. Devices purchased used or refurbished;
  15. Any cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of
    the Device;
  16. Replacement SIM card or related item.

This Plan does not cover devices with Windows Phone operating systems.


Manufacturer’s Warranty

This Plan complements and is supplementary to the manufacturer’s
warranty, but does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty or
warranty obligations. Parts and services covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and warranty obligations are the responsibility of the manufacturer only. This Plan provides certain additional services which the manufacturer may not provide.

Please note that additional services provided under this Plan
before the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty may void the
manufacturer’s warranty. Refer to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty for more details.



No cancellation can be made and you will be obliged to make the monthly payments for the duration of the Term of the Plan. We may cancel the Plan for non-payment. A notice advising you of termination due to non-payment will be sent at least 30 days prior to termination.

We may also cancel this Plan at our option on the basis of (a) fraud or misrepresentation by you in submitting a request for a replacement device; (b) an unauthorized repair of a Device; or (c) your failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions set out in these Term and Conditions.


Limitation of Liability



How to Obtain a Replacement

Call our Plan Administrator at 1-855-255-5501, 8am to 8pm (ET), Monday to Saturday (closed holidays). Be sure you have the original Sales Order Form available and/or addendum(s) to the Sales Order Form, if applicable, so that the claim can be processed. You will be required to provide a credit card.

In the event of a Device failure, a Replacement Device will be shipped to you. You must return the damaged Device to our Plan Administrator within 15 days of receiving the Replacement Device. You will be provided with a return authorization number along with a mailing label and return shipping instructions. A Replacement Service Fee will apply.

In the event of a failure to locate a Device, you must notify us as soon as you become aware that the Device is missing. You must assist us and make reasonable efforts to locate the Device. If Pocket Geek is unable to locate the Device, a Replacement Device will be shipped to you. A Replacement Service Fee will apply. If at any time after receipt of the Replacement Device, Pocket Geek successfully locates the original Device and you return the Replacement Device to us, the Replacement Service Fee will be reimbursed to you.
You may be required to provide us with the original Sales Order Form and/or addendum to the Sales Order Form, if applicable, or with any other information we may reasonably request. Replacement does not deem the Plan as fulfilled. Coverage will be extended to the Replacement Device.


Replacement Service Fee

A Replacement Service Fee will be charged as follows:

  1.  $249 for each Initial Service Request. Initial Service Request(s)
     means the initial number of service requests that is equal to
     4% of the total Devices purchased, with a minimum of at least   For example:

    1. if You purchased 100 Devices, the first 4 service requests will be subject to a $249 Replacement Service Fee;
    2. if You purchased 20 Devices, only the first service
      request will be subject to a $249 Replacement Service Fee.
  2.  $289 for every service request following the Initial Service


Customer Responsibility

Before providing your Device for exchange, you must:

  1. Remove any screen lock application (PIN, touch ID, or password);
  2. Deactivate any Activation Lock (Find My iPhone, Google device protection);
  3. Remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information; and
  4. Remove any removable cards such as media and SIM Cards.

It is your responsibility to back up the contents of your Device and remove all data. We will not be responsible for the loss of any programs, data, or other information stored on your Device or any media. This Plan does not include restoration of data to your Replacement Device.

Please note that failure to remove any screen lock application or to deactivate any Activation Lock may result in additional charges. Please refer to the Are there any other charges? section for further details.

When shipping your damaged Device to us, you are responsible for properly packaging the Device according to the shipping instructions.


How many replacements does the Plan provide for?

There is no limit to the number of service requests that can be placed. For each service request, we cover the cost to replace the Device up to a maximum no term price value of $1,100.


Are there any other charges?

Yes. Additional charges may apply in the following circumstances:

  1. If after receiving your Replacement Device, you do not return the defective Device within 15 days, a non-return fee will be charged. The “Non-Return Fee” will be equal to the retail cost of the Replacement Device shipped to you, as determined by us, less the Replacement Service Fee.
  2. If the returned defective device is not the original Device or its replacement under this Plan, we will return the device to you and charge you the Non-Return Fee, plus shipping and handling costs;
  3. If the returned defective Device is screen locked or the Activation Lock is still active, at our option, we may:
    1. Return the defective Device to you and charge you the
      Non-Return Fee, plus shipping and handling costs; or
    2. keep the defective Device and charge you an un-locking fee that will not exceed the Non-Return Fee.

These additional charges will show on your credit card statement as “Non-return Device Fee.”


Additional Information about the Plan

• This Plan is for your use only, which means you cannot transfer it.
• This Plan is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario as well as any applicable law of Canada.
• If you are dissatisfied or have concerns with this Plan, we have a
complaint resolution process for acknowledging and addressing your concerns or dissatisfaction in a timely manner. Please call us at
1-855-255-5501, 8am to 8pm (ET), Monday to Saturday (closed
holidays), to let us know of your dissatisfaction or concern. You may
obtain a copy of the complaint handling resolution by calling us or
from our website (
• All program costs and charges are subject to applicable tax.


Your Privacy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers’
information in accordance with good business practices. We may
collect, use, and share personal information provided by you to us, and obtained from others with your consent, or as required or
permitted by law. Personal information includes your name, contact information, customer file, and product preferences. We may use the information to: serve you as a customer; communicate with you; create statistics about our business to better understand customer needs and preferences; and inform you of other products and services from us or selected third parties. We may process and store your information in the United States, which may be subject to access by U.S. authorities under applicable laws. You may obtain a copy of our privacy policy by calling us or from our website ( If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or your options for refusing or withdrawing this consent, including your option not to be contacted about offers of products or services, you may call us at 1-888-778-8023.

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