Are you having difficulty optimizing the routes your fleets take? Are your fuel costs a concern to you in your daily operations? WPCI has a tremendous solution that offers you the ability to keep track of vehicles, assets, and personnel at ALL times on one easy-to-read screen.

WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING Solution is a GPS-Based software platform that helps you efficiently manage your fleet of vehicles, equipment, personnel, and any other mobile resources.

Canadian municipalities continually seek an edge on the elements. With abundant experience working with public works and private snow plow fleet operators, in some of the harshest winter conditions on the planet, WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING has earned its reputation as a leading winter maintenance fleet GPS tracking solution. Compatible with the industry’s leading Spreader Controllers, the critical data needed to drive efficiencies and keep roadways safe is captured and transmitted seamlessly via advanced WPCI FLEET TRACKING AVLS technology. Tried and true integration with back office and public systems make WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING the first choice for any snow plow fleet!  

 WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING solution provides:

  • All the data on the same screen as your AVL/GPS and Asset tracking
  • Plug into all major spreader controls: Dickie John, Epoke, Force America, etc.
  • Applications Include: Plow up/down, Spreader volumes and rate, Specific application being applied (Brine, Salt)


Maximize your fuel economy with WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING Solution. By utilizing this solution, features such as Route Optimiziation and Accurate Driving Directions are native to the app. This will not only save your customer time in their daily travels and operations, but ultimately, will save your customer substantial fuel savings. Take it one step further – our Tax Fuel Reclaim Report will allow you to keep track while your drivers are out of province. WPCI’s FLEET TRACKING Solution‘s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software gives you instant insight into where your vehicles are located at any given time. This access gives you the ability to improve your employees’ productivity. Managing fleet activity and having real-time location information for your fleet allows you to actively monitor and manage your vehicles, saving you both time AND money. WPCI is a Wireless Integration Specialist offering the best in cellular technologies and making them “intelligent.” Unlike other AVL/GPS providers who only do GPS, WPCI can provide you with unique solutions that involve GPS and other solution platforms like our DIGITAL E-FORMS – to provide a complete work tool for your company.

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